Book Review: Godzilla!

Star Date: 1977

What do you get when Marvel and Toho are mixed together?  A trippy journey akin to eating giant hallucinatory mushrooms, that's what!  Bizarre LSD Toho monsters from test tubes and space, mixed with the Marvel satirical superhero…


Book Review: Under The Skin

One of the most haunting stories I've ever read.  It's so creative I can barely believe it.  Still, slow-motion nightmarishness.  A mix of the philosophic and gruesome blood hash death!  It gets the Kelly D. Snuff Maximus Award for nastiness…


Stravinsky: An Autobiography

I don't believe anyone's life story or recollections can be of any use in understanding how an artist creates. For instance, a certain composer having pneumonia tells me nothing about how or why they mold various sounds together. Or does…




Nuclear family.

Nuked family.

X The Known.

X = me2

Resilient basterds all.




It Follows

It Follows

Soundtrack by Rich Vreeland/Disasterpeace

1. Heels                             2:49

2. Title                               2:19

3. Jay                                1:30

4. Anyone                           1:50

5. Old Maid                         2:34

6. Company                        4:14

7. Detroit                           1:22

8. Detritus                          2:20

9. Playpen                          1:30

10. Inquiry                         2:22

11. Lakeward                      1:36