Book Review: Andre the Giant

Author: Box Brown

That wacky world of professional wrestling!  I’ve always loved it and at the same time, been creeped out by it.  No matter how much they slick it up, no matter how much money they dump in it--it…


Book Review: In the Tall Grass

Author: Stephen King & Joe Hill

This story is a lot of fun.  For anyone who's actually been in some tall grass as it "hummed furiously with insects," you will get a shiver of deja vu.  In fact, saying that…


Book Review: What′s the Matter with White People?

Author: Joan Walsh

This book is an easy and great read, but because it's so jam-packed with information, it's kind of difficult to review.  You just don't want to leave anything out.  So, one has to settle to give the…


Book Review: Dr. Sleep

Author: Stephen King

This is the sequel to King's "The Shining," released in 1977 (which seems like a million years ago, to me).  Yet, when you start to read "Dr. Sleep," everything falls into place, and it's a lot more…


Book Review: A Street Cat Named Bob

Author: James Bowen

A touching tale of a busker, James Bowen, and the cat, Bob, that helped change/save said busker's life.  The book is written in a very honest, easy-to-read style.  It's a quick read, also.  I love cats--REALLY!  I…


Book Review: Beautiful Darkness (Hardcover)

Author: Fabien Vehlmann

There's a tea-party going on in a pink room somewhere.  Tea and cake are served.  What was in that tea and cake?  We're not sure.  The pink turns to gray.  Shouldn't it have started that way?  But…


Book Review: The Fire Gospel

Author: Michel Faber

This is an odd little book, which made me think a bit--delightfully.  It brings forth the irony that the multiple wars in the Middle East are occurring in the "cradle of civilization."  This truism was always on…


Book Review: The Wordy Shipmates

Author: Sarah Vowell

Ah, the original lily white occupiers…ladies and gentlemen: The Puritans!  Now, this book covers the Puritan's experience "that fall between the cracks of 1620 Plymouth and 1692 Salem."  The liberal, tolerant era, relatively speaking, of course.  LOL…