Book Review: Bernie

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As usual, Rall writes some eye-opening, enlightening stuff. Highly interesting and factual. But, the truth hurts. Therefore, much of it is depressing—not only in content, but by the fact that most people don't have clue about this information. Keep in mind, though, they call me Mr. Cynical.


Back in 1972, American citizens were even dumber than they are today. Richard Nixon, won in a landslide against a true liberal, George McGovern. It didn't matter that McGovern was a war hero, the slimy Nixon smeared him as a “Communist.” That's when the Democrats collectively dropped hot, steaming loads in their Depends, and sold out liberals and workers in a New York second. Jimmy Carter veered right and armed the Afghan Mujahideen to sucker Russia into their very own Vietnam. To put frosting on that crap cake, Jimbo welcomed religious hyper-capitalist warmongering creeps like Jerry Falwell into the White House—setting a groovy new trend we still live with to this very day. But, that just wasn't right-wing enough. The Lord didn't come through. Sorry. So, Ronny Raygun with the disease addled, Howdy Doody brain and a cheap, slicked-back jet-black shoe-polish hairdo, was stupidly puked into office. The New Deal safety net and LBJ's anti-poverty programs are chewed on in a sociopathic frenzy by the rich and corporate cockroaches. The Democrats poop their pants once again, and start not giving a rat's ass about a liberal base. Then a load of other liberal-bashing RINOs fill up Congress: William Gray, Tim Wirth, Gillis Long, Dick Gephardt, and Al Gore.


“Ideologically, the DLC policies are situated right of the Republican Party in 1972.”


Then Dukakis took a ride in a tank which delivered George Bu$h Sr. unto the White House. And Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie H., attacked Iran—for oil—period. Yay!


Enter Bill Clinton:


“Traditional answers on the right and left do not work anymore. Government programs can never be a substitute for strong families.”


“I will cut 100,000 bureaucrats and put 100,000 new police officers on your streets of American cities.”


Dick “Toenail Chewer” Morris told Clinton that he had to adopt the “Triangulated Ideology”:


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“This is where a candidate who wants to win must be. Politicians should not lead the people.

In Morris's view, a president should follow the views already held by the average voter.”


Clinton then “blows” it. We won't feel the effects of his shittiness for many years to come. In fact, they still affect us to this day.


George W. is selected by Supreme Court to be president. Rich white male Gore doesn't give a rat's ass and decides to almost immediately pledge his full-on support of Bu$h. Putz.


Dry-drunk (at best) Bu$h runs the country into a ditch. Obama get elected ends up pissing on liberals and buddying up to the rich white establishment—which he is now an official black member of—their emphasis—not mine.


During Obama's presidency, “Occupy Wall Street” occurs—revealing once and for all where Obama really stands. He's part of that club George Carlin talked about, and as Carlin points out—“you ain't a member.”


“Obama, June 30, 2003: I happen to be a proponent of a single payer Universal Health Program.”


“Obama Platform, 2008: There will be a 'public option.'”


“Obama, December 23, 2009: I did not campaign on a public option.”


He lies with stunning ease. He's the Mr. Wickham of Washington. Brother, don't whiz on me and tell me it's raining. Please!


$7.7 trillion to bail out the big banks. Obama's “stimulus” package—$814 billion. Extension of Unemployment Benefits—$10 billion. And none of that pittance went to Nebraska, because we had an abundance of fast-food jobs. That one affected me personally. Obama makes eighty-two percent of the Bu$h tax cuts permanent. Thanks, pres. All the while we're bomb-butchering brown people in other countries and our infrastructure is crumbling.


This was the fetid milieu that Occupy Wall Street grew out of—a spontaneous movement which opened the door for Bernie Sanders. So, he entered it. And he was instantly mocked by the usual DLC and DNC rich miscreants and lowlife sellout suspects. It was sickening.


There's some very interesting early biography of Bernie's family in the book. Sanders' father, Eli, was an emigrant from Poland.


“A paint salesman who commuted from from Brooklyn to Long Island, Eli reminded Bernie of Willy Loman, the pathetic, doomed character in the play 'Death of a Salesman.'”


“Despite his financial troubles, Eli thought Bernie's grandfather, 'a very strong socialist,' was 'eccentric.'”


“… Bernie's mother often got sick, the result of a childhood bout of rheumatic fever that left her frail.”


“'… she always had a heart problem.' Bernie remembers.”


“It's not that we were poor, but [there was] the constant pressure of never having enough money.”


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These chronic money problems would haunt Bernie throughout his life. Ergo, they were very influential on him politically.


The book does a good job of relating the many dabblings that help form the incredible political and humanist depth of the mature Bernie Sanders. For instance: In 1979 “[Bernie] took a job as director of the nonprofit American People's Historical Society, where he produced a documentary film about the early 20th Century Socialist leader and Presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs.


One of many now-forgotten icons of American Socialism, Sanders's idol Debs was jailed for handing out pacifist leaflets during World War I.


In an oft-cited decision on free-speech, Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes ruled against Debs's right to oppose war, writing: 'The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.' In 1969, however, that decision was reversed. So, actually, you do have a right to shout fire in a crowded theater.” Our “supreme” leaders, indeed. Tee-hee.


“In 1981 Bernie's friend and then-roommate, the religion and philosophy professor Richard Sugarman of the University of Vermont, told Bernie that he should run for mayor of Burlington Vermont.” Ronny Raygun was President at the time. Bernie is a left-of-center Jew—which means he leans toward the secular. From the beginning, Bernie didn't think of politics as a “game” or “soap opera.”


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Bernie won against a six-term Democrat right in the midst of the Ronny Raygun devolution, ahem, I mean, “revolution.”


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In 1990, he became the first Independent elected to the House in 40 years. From this point he started battling Wall Street in favor of Main Street. He was on the side of the NRA when it came to his state. He voted against invading Iraq but voted for attacking Afghanistan. He was totally against Bu$h's mass surveillance programs but wouldn't side with the pro-impeachment of Bu$h folks. Checkered carrier? I'd say that he was proof positive that a Socialist is not at all the “fringe-freak” the corporate whores, both Republican and Democratic, would have us all believe. It's pure crony bullshit. He is definitely not a one-dimensional fanatic.


However, Rall explains that the Democrats did, indeed, support his run for Senator in 2001. He smashed his Republican rival 2-1! Nowadays, the Democrats might just primary his ass—if they knew that he was going to give Hillary Clinton's run for President such a scare. While the overall ratings for Congress were in the tank, Bernie had a 67% approval rating as a Senator—making him the third-most popular Senator in America. And remember, he's a socialist!


While Bu$h and Obama were providing billions of bucks to the welfare rich, Bernie was fighting them every step of the way. And he voted against Obama's permanent extension of the Bu$h tax cuts. Nice one, Mr. President.


Getting back to Occupy Wall Street: Bernie sees foreclosures and a rich man's utopian economy. So, he decides to enter the Presidential race. “Bernie thought that Hillary needed primary challenger from the left to engage her—someone with his passion for the problems of the poor and working class.”


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So, that's exactly what he did!


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Of course, the media and establishment chuckled and sneered at his campaign. That wasn't surprising in the least. They all reside in the comfy, walled-off and secluded one-percent neighborhoods. But the people were down for it—totally! Was this the end of the DNC/DINOs? No, it wasn't. But the DNC, spineless as they are, decided to put their thumb on the scale. I don't think they had to do that. As Rall writes: “Bernie had a lot of work to do. You can't win the nomination without support from women and Blacks—two demographics Hillary was inheriting from her husband and Obama.”

Not all of the “left” were thrilled with Bernie's record. A faction of anti-war people disliked Sanders's support for Israel—especially by the disproportionate death toll concerning the Palestinian side.


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But see how they were wrong here, Ted!


Hillary is a total pal to the military industrial complex. She sniggered when Gaddafi was brutally executed.


Watch Hillary yuck it up here.



Wha? Is she sick in the head? That sounds like a bloodless, robotic-psychotic dictator.


See what Hillary found so hilarious here.



The book also points out that people believed Bernie was too accommodating towards Obama's targeted assassination program. A lot of progressives feared he'd be a “spoiler” like Ralph Nader. A number of critics felt that he wasn't tough enough on Hillary's blatant, and well-documented corruption that covered a gigantic time span of multiple decades.


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That's changed since then. Now the content of her emails are just plain sickening. Man am I glad I voted for Obama over “Her.” Yuck.


But the dream of a Sanders Presidency died at the hand of media bias, Hillary lies, and DNC cheating. Hey, she's a corporatist—do they act any other way? Plus, she's a woman. That means she had to be ten times as ruthless and scumbaggy as men in order to rise as far as she did. It's impossible come out of that milieu sane, let alone a compassionate, caring person. Relative to the average norm, that is. We can't even imagine what's she's been through. That combined with the fact that she's part of the .001% economically, makes her have as much in common with “us” as we do with a Venusian. Her farts still stink, but she has someone there to suck them up and tell her how sweet they smell.


When Hillary won the primary, Bernie supporters were ticked off at him for endorsing her.


I hope she wins.


KD, 11/05/16


KD, 11/09/16


She blew it.


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So, Hillary was destroyed (electoral vote wise) by the very candidate she literally hoped-like-hell to run against. And, in the wake of their decimation, the corporate-owned, neo-liberal DNC wankers are in complete denial and are still pushing their tired old, conservative dreck. Ugh. Ah, and the precious money-bloated system in which the Democrats play the Washington Generals vs. the Republicans as the Harlem Globetrotters, a system where all actors play their part and everyone gets paid, denied them the White House this time around. Oh, well, there's always another show. Until then, both parties will high-five each other at their exclusive dinner parties. And the bubble will remain unbroken, by and by.


Maybe it's time to use some good ol' Hillary “wisdom” on her and the rest of those those those neo-liberal corks that are stuffing up the works. “We can talk about how they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

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