Author: Joan Walsh

This book is an easy and great read, but because it's so jam-packed with information, it's kind of difficult to review.  You just don't want to leave anything out.  So, one has to settle to give the reader a taste.  (The book contains a very useful index, also.)  Being that this book makes so many good points that it's hard to convey the overall direction of it as a whole.  It covers racism and class, mostly.  It shows how we, the NOT 1-percent, are screwed BY the 1-percent, and how "we" have screwed ourselves out of ignorance, as well.  Frank Zappa said that the most abundant substance in the universe is stupidity.  This book's content, further proves Zappa's observation to be true, unfortunately.  These types of books inspire a belief in improving life for all humanity.  But they also, most likely inadvertently, remind us of just how pathetic the human species is.  The horror stories in these types of books are REAL.  To add insult to injury, these malevolent people all-too-often die rich with a smile on their scumbagish face, to a chorus of accolades from their fellow rich and powerful warmongering thieves and murderers--and, of course, the glowing hoorays of the corporate media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX "News," and all of their sister companies).  Time to get the guillotines out of mothballs?

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Will of the people gets House hacked?

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The next Congressional Hearing?

A great example of how "we" screw ourselves is exemplified in the Hart Hat Riot of 1970.  On May 8, 1970, some people gathered to protest the murder of four antiwar Kent State University students by the Ohio National Guard a few days earlier.  The peaceful gathering was interrupted by flag-wielding construction workers, all white, of course, marching over from the grounds of the World Trade center they were building a few blocks away.  (You can't make up ironic mush this thick!)  Anyway, these lug nuts started chanting "All the way, U.S.A.”, and "Love it or leave it”.  They broke up the peaceful Kent State murder protest, of course.  For a quick lesson addressing the abject idiocy of union members that vote Republican, listen to THIS.

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"While I was on the ground I rolled myself into a ball just as four or five pairs of construction boots started kicking me."

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Nixon's Cabinet courting the white racist vote.

I was amazed to find out how much bigotry there was against the Irish!  This is especially amazing considering the rampant racism against blacks by the Irish community of today.  (See Gavin McInnes, Bill O'Reilly.)  But hey, my grandma, a staunch Democrat and union member that lived during the depression, didn't vote for Kennedy because he was Catholic.  She was an LDS Mormon.  The Irish lived in US ghettos until they were able to "move up."  Part of the reason that they were able to elevate themselves is because other white people preferred them to blacks.  The Irish readily took their newfound opportunity to become racist against blacks.  Great.  Sorry, dark matter/energy, stupidity is way more pervasive in this universe.  

And then we get to the Nixon-Reagan era of the "southern strategy."  You see, the Democrats/Dixiecrats used to be the racist political party.  Then the civil rights era came around and the Dixiecrats jumped ship to the Republican Party.  Nixon (The guy who achieved "peace" in Vietnam--Right?  WRONG!)
saw a racist southern gap that he was all-too eager to egregiously exploit like the pig he was.  It worked.  YAY!  Then the scumbag Reagan, in his usual bonzo-see-bonzo-do fashion, decided to step into Nixon's greasy, racist blood-soaked shoes, and made an appearance at the Neshoba County Fair where he gave an election speech on August 3, 1980. The speech drew attention for his use of the phrase "states' rights."  Racism and states' rights is dog whistle language which claims that racist segregation is just fine and should be left up to the states to make illegal--or legal.  On top of that, Reagan created the "black welfare Cadillac myth."  It had no--as in ZERO--basis in reality.  Disgusting.  Personally, I'm glad I voted against the disgusting racist every chance I got.  (He was SENILE, folks!)

Liberals are not left blameless in this book.  For example, she writes, "As Michael Moore and the rest of the purest-left learned the hard way, there turned out to be an enormous difference between Bu$h and Gore."  I'm glad I didn't vote for Nader.  Not that Nader isn't the most "worthy."  It's just that voting for any political party other than Democratic or Republican, is proven to help the REPUBLICAN Party--ONLY.  And spare me this "my state is red or blue with or without my vote" nonsense.  Mandates matter.  Popular votes matter.  Not much, relatively speaking, that's true, but they always matter way more than a useless, 3rd Party protest vote.  Now, we need to change our money-driven, legal bribery political system, that's for sure.  Until we do that, a "3rd Party" is a dead end--no matter what people like Jessie Ventura say.  It's simply empirically demonstrable.  (Speaking of a 3rd Party messiah--what changes to the system did "Independent" Jessie Ventura enact?  Let me give you a lil' hint--ZERO!)

And then we have Barack Obama.  Rampant racism and bigotry on BOTH sides.  If you were a black or a woman--or worse yet, a black woman that supported Hilary Clinton, you were either a sellout or a racist.  If Clinton even pointed out that Obama was black--it was called racism.  That's just sickening.  As Walsh clarifies, Clinton was probably the more progressive of the two candidates.  Walsh writes, "I saw a disturbing naiveté and a dangerous indulgence of Republican ideas about the role of government in Obama's words.  I thought Clinton's experience fighting the vast right wing conspiracy would make her a stronger president."  The most disturbing aspect these cowardly, don't-rock-the-boat liberals, for me, was the concessions in liberal ideology they were willing to make in the name of just getting Obama elected.  Walsh writes:

"What Old New Left and New Left Obama supporters had in common was a desire for a political formula that left out the troublesome white working class.  Whatever the formula, white college-educated cultural elites always wind up on top in their dreamy lefty scenarios. And if their standard-bearer doesn't carry the day, it's the fault of racists, benighted working class white rejecting what they should know is best for them."

On the other side, we had crazy people shouting on national TEE-VEE that Obama was "an unqualified BLACK MAN."  And that is a perfect summation of the other, FOX "News" side.  Ugh.  Not a pretty sight.  

Then we have the lovely teabaggers.  White as a ghost and dumb as a rock.  And worst of all--bigots and racist scum.  What a monumental group of evil Koch brother financed suckers and idiots.  A total embarrassment for the USA.  This group of dolts really filled the racists Republicans with confidence to obstruct a black POTUS at historical levels.  Sickening.  The teabaggers also cleared the way to not only characterize Obama as a liberal (LOL), but molded him into a communist dictator that moonlights as the antichrist!  And Obama's opposition to the Republicans was horribly anemic.  NEWS FLASH: Obama is NOT a liberal.

"The 2008 crisis gave Obama the chance to frame a new Democratic response to the long-term problem of wage stagnation as well as to the short-term crisis.  He had a chance to identify the debt machine that destroyed the economy and to begin to dismantle it, he didn't take it."

And why didn't he take that opportunity?  Because Obama is a 1-percenter, establishment corporatist.  He extended 95-percent of the Bu$h tax cuts PERMANENTLY!  He sold out to big pharma.  And the list goes on and on, believe me.  Now, he's obviously better than ANY Republican, but he still is what he is.  Can't get around that.

And then we have the swill bucket known as the "mainstream media”, from warmongering establishment hack, Chris Mathews, to the totally INSANE Glenn Beck.  All of them rich 1-percenters that have far more in common with each other than they will ever have with any of us.  Walsh recalls:

"It was Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan, and I, three Irish Catholics, with the two men yelling at me for suggesting (with plenty of evidence) that fire departments had worked hard to keep their ranks white.  In New York, a city that's majority black and Latino, the fire department was at the time 91 percent white.  In San Francisco, the position of fire chief had been handed down from one Irishmen to another, a roster of Sullivans and Kellys and Murrays and Murphys and a Walsh (no relation).  When the string was broken by former mayor Willie Brown's pick, the veteran African American chief Bob Demmons, the heavily Irish union went into near-mutiny."

I had tuned out this little bit of white privilege.  Sickening.  Andrew Breitbart, one of the preeminent racist, right wing nut job media pigs at that time, was an especially nasty person in this regard. He stoked the flames on issues like mega hate combined with lies and racism.  He's no longer with us.  Sometimes death isn't a sad thing.

Walsh also tied her own life history in with the events throughout the book.  And she was, indeed, intertwined with the politics from the start.  There are some things I question in the book.  For one, her Catholicism.  How anyone, let alone a woman, can be a willing part of such a depraved institution is beyond me.  They're ability to tune out the rapes and death associated with that scumbag, holy old boy club is amazing.  It's scary and quite depressing.  Also, "little" things like characterizing the Ohio State student murders as "killings," bug me.  They were MURDERS, Walsh.  A few people can get "killed" in a car accident.  When four people get shot by the National Guard at an anti-war protest, that's bleeping murder.

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"Quit whining.  All we did was kill a few hippie freaks."

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What we have here is more of that good ol' maestro tune-out ability religious people have by the truck load.  I still remember my high school history teacher, Wally Kucera, telling us all that the National Guard had to shoot, because the kids were throwing rocks and cans.  WOW, what a moron!  The National Guard shot 67 times in 13 seconds.  Everyone that was killed was between 265 feet - 390 feet away.  I don't even think professional baseball pitchers would be a threat at that distance.  The pitcher's mound to home plate is 60 feet, 6 inches, to give you some perspective.  In addition, two of the dead were women, and as any schoolchild can tell you, women are known for their killer abilities in the throwing department.  After all, look at how many women are drafted in NFL and MLB!  You'd have to be a major league moron to fall for that crap.   Bullets hit people that were just WATCHING the protest from a huge distance!  Shame on you Walsh.  "Killings," indeed.  And that just makes that Hard Hat Riot mentioned at the beginning of this review that much more sickening.  But Joan Walsh can argue points very well, even live with a putrid lump of flesh like Bill O'Reilly.  So, she's definitely on my "side" of things.  Which goes to show you, the left doesn't march in lockstep.

Works for me.