Author: Neil Gaiman

Note: This is my review for Volumes I and II.

This is a graphic novel about Nobody.  That is, a boy named Nobody.  Years ago I read the novel version of this story and I really liked it.  My wife and daughter LOVED it.  I actually like this graphic novel version of the story better than the novel version.  The art is exceptional--bursting with color while keeping the story moving in a crescendo fashion.

The tale begins as all good stories begin--with the butcher knife murder of an entire family in their sleep.  Nobody's family.  His dad, mom, and adolescent sister all have their necks slashed.  They even show the young sister's throat oozing blood in her bed while cuddling a clown dolly.  That's good horror stuff, folks.

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Somehow, the youngest member of the family, a boy toddler, walks out of the house right under the murderers nose.  And this homicidal gentleman has a super, inhuman, sense of smell!  The little lad wanders through the night to a cemetery about a block away.  The ghosts of the cemetery decide to adopt the toddler and care for him.  They give him the name Nobody.  What does this mean?  Could Nobody have some connection with the supernatural world filled with ghosts and vampires?  An ancient connection?  Hmm...

The first volume is a series of stories involving Nobody's unusual growing pains.  It covers his relationships with living and dead people.  It's corny without being corny.  The first volume ends on a cliffhanger with a dash of some WTF, of course.

The second volume really builds nicely on the first.  Events really start to roll and some hard choices have to be made.  Some of those choices involve extreme violence and death.  The end result of these choices do not always end the way we'd want them to.  The conflicts are personal, but with dangerous implications for all of humanity, also.

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Ta, miscreant!

Well done!